Most of us saw those infomercials that make auto glass repairs look like an easy job that everyone can do, especially with the tools advertised. Right? Well let’s face it that most of us were tempted to repair our auto glass on our own, with just a few DIY tools, some YouTube videos and instructions from people that are clearly no experts.

DIY auto glass repairs sound pretty appealing to those that live on a budget. However, keep in mind that when it comes to auto glass repairs, you get what you pay for. Repairing auto glass damage is not easy as it sounds and here’s why.

Cost of the repair kit equals the quality of the repair kit

Any major retailer sells low-cost DIY auto glass repair kits. And since they are sold at almost every shop, the must be worth something. Well, only if. Think about it. If all the DIY repair kits worked the way they are being presented on infomercials, all auto glass repair shops will be out of business in no time. Repairing auto glass chips or cracks is a delicate thing, which requires the right tools, years of experience and training. And by ‘right tool’ we mean high-quality products that will ensure long-lasting results. That’s not something you will be getting with a cheap DIY kit.

Oh and let’s not forget if you (and it’s very likely) mess something up. You can eventually do more damage than good and you’ll be forced to replace your entire auto glass, instead of just having it fixed.

Further damage

It’s interesting how many will try to fix a chip on their auto glass but wouldn’t dare to attempt to fill a cavity in their own tooth. We’ll some people are not a trained professional for either of those things, so they shouldn’t attempt them.

Without the right knowledge and experience, amateurs often do more damage than good. For example, you might not know how to thoroughly clean the auto glass, you can end up putting too much pressure on it, incorrectly apply the resin and so on. The end result could be ugly. And when you fail to repair the auto glass chip, you will have one thing to do…have an auto glass replacement.

Insurance coverage

Not sure if you knew this, but some insurance providers have a specific clause in their insurance agreement that should discourage car owners to do any DIY repairs on their windshields or auto glass. This is because most often, fixing a botched repair costs more than fixing the actual problem by a professional.

So when you try to repair something on your own, and you fail, the insurance company will have to pay a lot more. So the moment you attempt to do something DIY, be aware that you’re most likely voiding your insurance and will have to pay for the expensive repairs out of your own pocket.

So if you notice an auto glass chip or crack, don’t try and fix it yourself. Instead, come by at Auto Glass Express in Mesa and let the professionals take care of it.