We can’t stress enough the importance of windshield chips repairs. As soon as you notice one, you should contact your auto glass shop and have it repaired immediately before it starts to spread. Because a single bump when driving can make the chip go bigger.

Now we understand that not all of you will be able to do this promptly.  So in order to prevent the chip to grow even more, here are some useful tips.

Reflective Shade

During summer, many of you use reflective shades to protect your car from heating up too much. This is generally speaking a good solution. Except when you have a chip on your windshield. Reflective shades either reflect the heat from the windshield or absorb the heat. Either way, the heat sits on your windshield and heating your windshield causes the auto glass to expand. In the end the chip on your windshield can get even bigger.

Parking in the shade

Car owners whose cars have a chipped or cracked windshield should definitely avoid parking in direct sunlight. Just like above, the excess heat causes your windshield auto glass to expand and it is increasing the size of the chip/crack. Instead, try and park in the shade. We recommend a covered parking spot or your garage if you have one.

Cooling your car

We bet that all of you can’t stand the scorching heat in your car during the summer days. And most of you cope with this by cracking up the AC in order to rapidly cool down your car. Well, if you have a chipped or cracked windshield, that’s not the wisest thing to do. The rapid temperature drops when you try to cool down your car, will cause the already expanded windshield (due to the high temperature) to contract rapidly and the chip will for sure get bigger.

So while you wait for your auto glass appointment in order to get the chip fixed, please try and follow these instructions. And if you notice a windshield chip or crack, contact Auto Glass Express shop in Mesa and schedule an appointment.