Driving on Arizona roads, you will get a rock thrown at your windshield once or twice. Most of the time it won’t be a direct hit and it will manifest as a loud smack. But what about when it’s a direct hit and it cracks your windshield?

Now that’s an entirely different topic that we will explore here. And since we work hard on being the best windshield replacement shop in Messa, here are some tips on how to be safe on the road.

How is windshield glass exactly made?

To put it simply, the windshield glass is just two glass layers, with a piece of plastic that is laminated between them. That thin piece of plastic is actually what keeps the glass from shattering when it gets struck. Without that, shards of shattered glass will be flying at you every time a rock hits the windshield.

Difference between and chipped windshield and a cracked windshield

Most of the time, when a rock hits your windshield, it will manifest as a chip. Chips are usually confined to smaller areas and they are no big deal. Repairing a chip on your windshield is very easy and most glass shops will do so by simply applying silicate type solutions in order to fill the chip. It only takes minutes.

Unlike a chip, a crack is an entirely different matter and it can be very dangerous. Cracks usually start as a chip and radiate throughout your windshield. They can radiate across your windshield or can curve toward the edge. Due to increase of pressure and temperature oscillations a crack will slightly move and spread throughout your windshield.

Are cracked windshields dangerous?

Most of the time, a cracked windshield is dangerous. Since your windshield is your view out to the open road, a large enough crack may cause obstruction which might end up you missing an obstacle, get into an accident or collision.

When the crack is located way off in the corner of your windshield, it’s most likely not a big deal. Chances of the windshield crashing in and covering you with class aren’t that high. But keep in mind that cracks tend to spread. So what seem like a small crack today, tomorrow can spread and take up an entire area of your windshield.

So as soon as you get a crack, chip or break, give us a call and come by to our shop to have it inspected and fixed or replaced (if the damage is substantial).