There are drivers these days, that go through their entire life without having a single windshield crack and thus don’t replace or repair their windshield. Lucky right? But there are also those unlucky ones that get cracks on their windshield. You might not notice some of them although there are those that form before your very eyes.

Let’s face it, having cracked windshield, whether it’s minor or not, is a nightmare because you don’t stop worrying if a crack will spread across your entire windshield or won’t. In order to assess the seriousness of your windshield crack, stop by at Auto Glass Express in Mesa and let our technicians take a look. It might be that your cracked windshield won’t need to be replaced, just repaired. But what windshield cracks can be repaired and what require a windshield replacement?

Star Break – As the name suggest, this chip or break looks like a star. You shouldn’t dismiss this type of crack. Even if it’s small, it can spread pretty fast and cover a large portion of your windshield. So an soon as you notice it, we recommend visiting an auto glass specialist to have it repaired.

Bullseye – This is one of the most common windshield cracks. And It does look like a bullseye i.e. a small circle surrounded by a large circle. They form when a small object, let’s say a small rock or pebble, hits the windshield with a lot of force. The repair process of this windshield crack is pretty simple and easy and in most cases you won’t even notice that it was there.

Half Moon – This windshield crack is very similar to the previous one, although it doesn’t have full circles, but rather half circles. It’s also an easy thing to repair.

Combination break – sometimes, the windshield cracks mentioned above can merge and form a so-called combination break. Combination breaks can vary in size and depending on the penetration, could be a simple repair or might require a windshield replacement.

Surface pit – This is a windshield crack that is mostly superficial and doesn’t reach the middle to the thin layer of plastic. Since these windshield cracks are mostly superficial most of them don’t even require repairs because they don’t pose a significant danger to the structural integrity of the windshield. But, in case the crack is large enough, debris from the road could fill in the crack and it may cause it to spread, which in the end could require a windshield replacement.

Floater crack – this type of windshield crack is mostly caused by extreme temperature fluctuations and appear in the middle of the windshield. They come in all shapes and sizes and they form at least an inch or two from the edge of the windshield. Because temperature fluctuations are quite often, these windshield cracks can spread very fast so make sure that you repair them as soon as possible.

Stress crack – These cracks are mostly caused by ageing, wear and tear and are cause of a lot of pain for car owners. Stress cracks look like spiderwebs and spread really easily so they will definitely require you to replace your windshield. And finally…

Long cracks – If you have one crack that spans across the entire windshield, you have a long crack. Every crack which is longer than 7 inches is considered to be a long crack. Due to their length, these windshield cracks are the most difficult to repair and because of that, it’s best to have your windshield replaced.

Most chips and cracks start out small and a lot of things can cause them to spread. So as soon as you notice a chip or windshield crack, stop by at your auto glass shop and have it looked at. It might be possible to have it repaired before it spreads further.