Advanced Driver Assistance System or commonly known as ADAS is a set of technology enhancements which is installed in almost every modern vehicle. As technology continues to improve, so does ADAS well and its integration in the windshields of each vehicle is really common these days.

But not many people know that there are a few key differences between Dynamic and Static ADAS. You might not even know that there are two types of it to begin with.

When we talk about ADAS, you have to distinguish two quite different branches of technology: static or dynamic. What sets these two technologies apart is basically the way each system is calibrated. Even more confused? Not to worry. We’ll explain in detail.

Calibrating Static ADAS

When you have to calibrate your ADAS in a special workshop but without driving the actual car, then we’re talking about STATIC ADAS. In order to calibrate your Static ADAS the mechanic will most have to use specialized tools and equipment like a Camera and Sensor Calibration tool

Calibrating Dynamic ADAS

Dynamic ADAS calibration is also known as Mobile Calibration. This type of calibration is done with a help of a hand-held unit that is plugged in into the car. Once plugged in, the vehicle has to be driven at a specific speed, in ideal weather conditions and a certain distance. This way, when the system is exposed to the test, it becomes accustomed to the road and is able to react to unexpected situations.

ADAS Calibration

ADAS technology that is integrated into your car’s windshield consists for a set of cameras and sensors that are built into your vehicle.

Most of the ADAS features are channeled through the forward facing camera on top of your windshield (usually behind your rear view mirror).

If your windshield gets replaced, it’s really important that the ADAS calibration is done correctly. This way, all safety systems will perform the way they should. Even if the camera is miscalibrated by a little, the ADAS features won’t work properly, endangering the life of the driver and passengers.

If your windshield is cracked and you need to replace it, but you also need to have your ADAS calibrated, contact Auto Express and schedule an appointment.