Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems have been developed to improve the driving experience. These systems use a combination of cameras and sensors that are often built into car windscreens.

What is an ADAS calibration?

An ADAS calibration is a process carried out to correctly align the cameras and sensors of a car so that its ADAS system can work as intended.

At Auto Glass Express, our technicians are trained to the highest standards to complete a camera calibration to the manufacturer’s required standard.

Why do I need a windscreen calibration?

Most ADAS features rely on a group of cameras or sensors to do their job. They usually sit inside a car windscreen and when a glass replacement is carried out, its angle and position changes.

A calibration is performed to correct this, so that your vehicle’s ADAS is working as intended.

If a calibration is missed out, an ADAS feature may not work like it should and could cause a potential risk to you and others on the road.

What is the difference between dynamic and static calibration?

Dynamic calibration involves driving the vehicle to complete the process.

Static calibration takes place at one of our ADAS calibration shops in the valley. Here, we use leveled flooring and specialist equipment to make sure that we can complete a successful calibration.

At Auto Glass Express, we can calibrate during the same appointment as your windscreen replacement.

How long does it take to complete a calibration?

A glass replacement with an ADAS calibration will take around 2 hours.

If any additional time is required, we will let you know on the day of your appointment.

When should I get an ADAS calibration?

Glass replacements can cause small unexpected changes in the angle of a camera. This can be the difference between a car avoiding an accident or not.

That’s why your vehicle manufacturer strongly recommends getting an ADAS calibration with your replacement windscreen.

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