Do you have shallow scratches on your vehicle’s glass? Well, you can use any of these products to remove or reduce the scratches. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Check The Scratch Depth
You need to check the depth of glass scratches on your vehicle using your fingernail. Of course, they should be minor scratches and are very shallow to catch onto your nail. If you can feel the scratch when running your fingernails on it, you should hire a professional auto glass experts to repair it.

2. Gathering Your Supplies
If you have determined that the vehicle’s glass scratches are very shallow, you need to get all the supplies you need. For this, you need:

• Water

• Glass cleaner

• Soft microfiber cloths

• A spatula

• Small bowls

• Dry-erase marker or tape

• Drill with a polishing wheel

Also, you need to buy the scratch-repair product. Some of the options you can choose from include:

• Clear Acrylic Nail Polish – Most people have this but it only works on the shallow scratches.

• A Mixture Of White Toothpaste And Baking Soda- It can work perfectly but you need to apply it a few times.

• Cerium Oxide – It’s the best product for the minor scratches. However, very few people have access to it.

3. Clean The Scratch
Before starting to repair the scratch on the vehicle’s glass, you need to make sure no debris is there. If the repair agent is applied with debris present, it will affect the bond with the glass and the repair product.

Use a soft cloth and glass cleaner. You don’t really have to clean all of the whole glass since you might leave some fingerprints or scratch repair products on the glass during the repair of the minor scratch.

4. Mark The Area That is Scratched
As the repair goes on, you might have a little difficulty seeing where the scratch happened. You need to know what you are working on so it’s a good idea to mark the area with the scratch. Use the dry-erase marker to outline the scratch on the opposite side of the glass.

5. Prepare The Scratch Repair Product
If you are using the acrylic repair product, you can skip this stage. If you are using cerium oxide, using a spatula, mix the water and the power in a small bowl. Mix the 2 ingredients until you have a slurry with a thick consistency. Have some water about in case the mixture starts drying out while doing the repair process.

If using baking soda and white toothpaste, you can use about a quarter of a regular toothpaste tube and a teaspoon of some baking soda. Mix with water until you create a slurry and the applied baking soda is not detectable.

6. Apply The Repair Product
The precise steps to follow depend on the exact product you are using for the repair process. If there are any instructions available on the product’s label, you need to follow them thoroughly.

7. Clean The Window
Once you are done with the repair, you should wipe away the product left behind and clean the window.

Now your vehicle’s glass will look as good as new! Have a scratch you can’t manage Auto Glass Express can help. Give us a call today!